Nice to see you both again! Glad you had a good break and time to relax.


Continue to keep up your trumpet fundamentals. Try to do the 4 or 5 note lip slurs everyday as well as a couple different major scales tongued and slurred – this will keep the mind & body fresh.

Nice job sight reading those songs. I think those are the perfect level for you to improve your reading skills. For next week, try to have one of the songs we looked at today “performance” ready. If you can play it along with a metronome, without stopping, I’ll be happy. The more time you spend with treble clef the more it will come to you naturally. If you want, feel free to sight read some more of the music I sent – which I will also attach here.

Bonus: Write out a C major scale in quarter notes. Notate the name of each note and the fingering underneath it.


It was nice getting back to business, I’m looking forward to digging into the rest of the RCM requirements with you this year.

I hope you’ve been keeping up with your trumpet fundamentals over the break. Remember to do lip slurs and scales everyday – and practice with different articulation (tongued, slurred, & mix). These will help your breath support and sound. Take big breaths when you do these!

Nice job playing through Etude in G major. Take some time this week to listen to me play it. That will help get the rhythms & notes in your ear. Workshop the tricky parts we talked about so we can dig into the smaller details as soon as possible. Do the same with Etude in D minor! Both of those will help your playing quite a bit.

Do a quick review of All Through the Night and German Dance as I will want to hear them for next week.