Review our new scale (D Major). Make sure of our tuning on the F# (not too high). 5th position has a tendency to ride a little high so let’s focus on really keeping it down.

Peer Gynt

  1. Morning Mood. Always play with a beautiful sound. Ask yourself, “Can my sound be better”. Bars 37-41 you have the melody so make sure to bring it out. Play smoothly. It’s marked legato so be aware of this.
  2. The Death of Ase. Think about singing not just merely blowing air through our buzzing lips. This will help lend that beautiful sound we are after. Don’t play too soft. That’s when we run into trouble with sound quality and intonation.
  3. Anitra’s Dance. This looks easy but it isn’t. really focus on counting. play very slow and then work your way up.
  4. In The Hall of The Mountain King. Macato (really articulated). Watch for accel markings and repeats. notice as the piece gets faster, that’s when it also gets louder.



Pick a new scale for next week. Review B Major. Add a 2nd Octave to a 1 octave scale we already know.

Coconut. Watch for the dynamics and articulations in this piece. When they occur, they are very important in this piece. You’re playing with a great style on this but could be even more. When we get louder, make sure to keep a steady tempo and not speed up.

Superlative. Pay very close attention to articulation markings. When it’s marked with a slur, we must play smoothly. When not, that’s when we articulate harder. This piece switches a lot so slow practice is very important in this case. If we learn a passage with incorrect articulation, it’ll be very difficult to correct so let’s make sure that we learn it the right way first. Be careful to watch for accidentals in this piece. It’s in the key of D flat Major so we need to be aware of D flats and G flats. In moving lines, make sure to keep a steady air stream (no big “air” bumps in the road). This will help with the speed as we can focus more on our valve combinations.