Awesome job, again, this week, guys!  You are all really improving!


Whoa, some girl is on fire!  Your breakthrough last lesson has proved to be true.  And, you practiced more because of it!  Keep this up, and you’ll be performing concertos in no time if you want!


Moving onto the next level.  You practiced consistently and thoughtfully this past week, too, and it showed!  I am excited about where your progress will be by June, if you keep this serious practicing up!  Make sure to get one of your parents to read my messy home-work handwriting each week :)


Though you were tired today, you always give a good effort.  Regular good sleeps are just important to learning as practicing.  Don’t get discouraged!


You found a couple songs you can start getting to work on.  I showed you the basic melodic notes to get acquainted with ‘learning by ear’, but now you have to do the work!  I hope you get into the habit of practicing a little bit every day.  Think of each song as a puzzle, fun to figure out!