Nice lesson today! It was great to hear you play something a little different. I like that Octopath Traveler song a lot. If you could play the first 25 seconds of it that would be great. Make it your goal to make every note beautiful, support the air with your core & take full breaths ( Hoo- Too!!!). Keep up those five note slurs too, those will help with sound and air constancy.

Write out two octaves of the F# Chromatic scale. Notate the note names and the fingerings underneath each!

Here’s the link to the music just in case you don’t have it.



Everything is sounding great! Im glad you were able to play through all the rep & scales for the RCM test. We’ll take a look at some new stuff for next week. Ear training, mouthpiece studies, sight reading etc.

Just adding some little details in the pieces now will make a big difference. All of them would benefit from more dynamics, but German Dance needs it the most; don’t be afraid to write/ notate on the music. Also be aware of the vibrato you use on All Through The Night. It sounds better the less one uses it. Otherwise, just be sure to keep the tempo steady on all of them.