Good lesson today! I’m glad you finally came with a question. Hopefully more to come.

Keep up the work on the slurs; Even another 5 mins a day can go a long way with those exercises. Always try to build from the same starting point to as high as you can go. Try it from different starting points as well as dynamic levels to figure out what works best for you. You might find playing them quietly allows you to change notes with more efficiency or playing louder allows you to slur faster… could be anything! Just experiment.

Major scales sounding good. Try to review a couple every practice session. Also try to get in the habit of playing different scales, for example, harmonic minor (b3 b6). Articulate and slur every scale. Try for two octaves as well! I think you’re at the point where those will greatly benefit your playing. Make sure the fingerings are confident so all you need to think about is moving the air forward to connect the registers and playing with a beautiful sound.

Etude in C and D are both coming along nicely. You know exactly what to do to make them better, you just need to put the time in now. Be patient and do everything with intention. Breath, relax & play!!