You’ve been making a lot of improvements on the horn recently and its showing! keep it up!

Lip Slurs: You’re so close to getting familiar with slurring to C. Try approaching it as many ways as you can. Two note slurs, three note, loud, soft, or starting on G/Ab-> C. Fill up with air and use it!!! As soon as you get this, I think a lot of the horn will open up.

Major Scales: Nice. Everything is pretty logical here. Go through the circle and continue to quiz your self on different key signatures. If the scale is out of your range just break it in half as we have been doing the past two weeks. Do just fingerings first then put the horn to your face so you’re confident about every fingering :) no guessing! also try to not test notes anymore.

Duets: I’ll get new music to work on for next week. I think although they’re not perfect, you’ve absorbed as much as you can about reading music, phrasing, tuning, etc from these duets. Onward and upward!