Great lesson today. I hope you were able to absorb a little bit of what I said about diminished and augmented families :-)

I think you would really benefit from doing those long tones on C. I think that is the C-cret to expanding your range! You can just hold the C, or start mf and crescendo to almost max volume, then get up to a D. You can do this starting on any note… C->D, D->E, etc.

Nice job getting all those major scales. I think you’re beginning to understand them very well. Sorry about my tangent on diminished and augmented families, its pretty complicated, but my point is this! When practicing scales, play them in the dim/ aug groups! this way, you will play scales that are always different. G,E,Bb,Db – Ab,F,D,B – A,F#,Eb,C. I hope that makes more sense.

Check out America in the duets package I sent you; its number 8. Use your ears to lead you to the higher notes… don’t be scared!! I’ll upload the bottom part for next week so you can hear how it sounds together.