We worked on staccato touch in your song Ping-Pong. Remember, staccato means “detached,” so please use detached touch when practicing this song. I’ll also want to hear Money Can’t Buy Everything. Good practicing for last week, keep up the good work! Also, I’ll be quizzing you on the names of the lines and spaces of the treble clef and bass clef this week.

For voice, if you could look up Tomorrow from Annie on youtube, and practice it. Remember the feelings of the song we talked about – how she is an orphan, and likes to cheer up the other orphans of the orphanage, so remember that feeling of “hopeful” in the song. Also, moving forward, we’ll need to get you a book, so you practice with one at home like in piano studio!

Keep up the practicing. I will be quizzing you this week as well on the names of the lines and spaces of treble and bass clef. Remember that the first three lines of Good King Wenceslas ends the same with Bb then G in the left hand.

Hi Alexa! Remember the importance of exaggerating the ends of words when we sing. This is so the audience that is sitting far away from us can understand the words we sing. It would be really great if you could get a book so you can practice our songs at home, and we can learn new ones.

Continue to practice the lip trills, the baby “ya-ya” voice, and lying down on the floor and lifting the book with your belly. Good work with The Grouch Song, and moving forward we will continue to work on matching pitch. You’ve got a great attitude — keep it up!