-Mozart’s 5 Names: practice playing while naming the notes out loud
-The Juggler: practice hands together, make sure you are counting the rests in the “juggling” section (starting bar 9)
-Here is the link to Sunflower:

Recommended practice time: 10mins a day


-Grumpy Old Troll: keep practicing hands together; make sure you are starting on F at the beginning (and any other bar that is the same as bar 1), and make sure you play bass D at bar 7. Try practicing while thinking of a steady quarter note beat (no rushing)

Recommended practice time: 10mins a day


-Keep practicing through all your pieces, remembering to count. Try slow and steady and relaxed paces!

Recommended practice time: 10mins a day


-Here is the link for Imperial March:
-pg 16 of your theory book
-Etude: practice HT with the metronome at a pace you can keep up with (lower than 80 is okay!)
-Minuet in A: practice HT, aiming for steady pacing
-Minuet in F: practice line 1 HT, the rest HS

Recommended practice time: 15mins a day

See you all next week!