-Greensleeves: Keep an eye on being mindful of the rhythm, and start adding in the pedal
-Hey Jude: Continue to practice HS; watch notes in bar 6-7, and 10-11

Recommended practice time: 10mins a day


-Night of the Tarantella: Keep practicing HT. Make sure you are playing in the right octave from bar 9-16. Work a little extra on the Coda section as well
-Morning: Start taking a look at this one, maybe listen to a recording of it as well (you can google “Morning, piano adventures 3a” online and you’ll find a video)
-Take a look through the book and see if there is another you’d like to start as well!

Recommended practice time: 10mins a day


-Somersault King: Keep practicing one more week; watch the rhythms in bar 12 and 16 (make sure it is syncopated). Remember the overall structure of the piece (not all the way through, but rather DC al Coda)
-Sonatina: continue to work on the first section hands separately

Recommended practice time: 15mins a day


-Russian Folk Song: Keep practicing HT. Try adding in the dynamics
-Come See the Parade: See if you can try to start sight-reading through this one!
-Here is a link to the Halloween songs we talked about. We will start one of them next week!


-I Am the King: Watch your rhythms in bar 5 and 13; make sure you’re playing in the correct octave, and starting in G major position
-Moonlight Melody: Keep up the practicing, aiming for smooth 3/4 time and adding in the dynamics
-Here is a link to the Halloween pieces we chose, which we can start next week!

See you guys next week!


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