Hi guys, it’s been real fun teaching you this past semester.  Thanks for sticking it out, and looking forward to exploring music with you next year!!!


Great work on ‘Wild Flowers’ and ‘Dill Pickles!!  Keep at it, and apply the same good practice method to learning ‘St. Catherine’s Infirmary’.  If you have time during the break, try to get into the habit of practicing 60 minutes per practice session.  Both you and I will be astonished with the results in the New Year.  I promise you!!!

Minutes to practice: 60.
What to practice: The above 3 pieces.
How to practice it most effectively: As described in your notebook.
How parents can support practice: ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE, ENOURAGE!!!


Too bad I missed you this last week before the holidays, Jabari, but keep on practicing what we worked on last week, and then explore (with Mom’s help) further on in the book as much as you can!!!

Minutes to practice: 30.
What to practice: Last week’s marked songs in your music book.
How to practice it most effectively: With a whole lot of focused, calm effort!!!
How parents can support practice: Check in and practice with Jabari for about half his practice session (15 minutes) every day.


Sounded a lot better today, even though you weren’t able to practice much these past two weeks.  I am sure you will get deep into it during the few days you have free until we meet again in January.  Watch the videos you recorded of me playing your songs, and read your notes!!

Minutes to practice: 60.
What to practice: Songs assigned with today’s date, as well as any other songs you would like to revisit.
How to practice it most effectively: As described/demonstrated in the videos and written in your notebook.


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