Great lessons and practice this week, guys.  Hope your summer is fun and relaxing, but don’t forget to practice your songs (and learn your new ones)!!!


Well, I will be seeing you in two weeks throughout the summer!  Remember to engage your tummy muscles, NO RAISING SHOULDERS when what you are playing is difficult or loud.


Remember to practice your new songs in SLOW MOTION with a STEADY TEMPO, first H.S., then H.T., keeping in mind what it is your practicing — not just the notes and fingerings, but HOW you should be articulating that part of the piece!  Is it melody?  Then ELECTRIFY your fingers, paying close attention to how you’re articulating every melodic note and making sure it is heard and connected to the next melodic note.  If accompaniment, then SHHHHHHH…


TUMMY CRUNCHES on strong beats (and core muscles should always be engaged) and ELECTRIFY fingers playing the melody!!  You only get out of music what you put into it.  Find that energy and focus that is required for playing music!!!