Nice job this week! Here are your homework suggestions:


-Here is a new version of Sunflower with the note names written in:
-keep practicing A Mixed Up Song as well! 


-practice your three songs this week! Grumpy Old Troll, Russian Sailor Dance, and Party Song


-Trumpet concerto: practice this hands separately first and then try putting hands together
-Canon: keep practicing, paying attention to playing the treble clef notes with the RH, and bass clef notes with the LH
-F major scale


-Theory, from pg 26-28: #1, 4, 5, 7
-Keep practicing your two Minuets
-Keep practicing Imperial March
-Here is a few new Etudes to choose from. You don’t need to print them all, but pick one you think you will like:–QkQWvDGj9GPYEHoao6m/view?usp=sharing

See you guys next week!