Continue to work on the exercises for improving trumpet technique we’ve discussed so far… Lead pipe buzz, lip slurs, and long tones. You should try to get at least 15/ 20 mins of this in/ day.

Scales: So far you know 6 major scales, thats amazing! (C,Bb,Eb,B,E & D) you’re halfway to knowing them all. I suggest digging into these keys a little deeper. Learn thirds in these keys and if you’re feeling super good about it try the triads – if you don’t remember how to do those, thats okay. Also, have the Chromatic scale ready for next week. From C->C, and F#->F#.

Duets: Nice job on these. When playing along with me, listen for how fast I’m playing, my phrasing, tonguing and tuning. I can’t replicate playing with a trumpet section but I hope this is a close second! Please have Russian Hymn comfortable and start on Sacred Song for next lesson.

Above all else, have fun!