Excellent lessons today and practice this past week, all of you!!


A little practice does go a whole of a lotta way!!!  You showed marked improvement today in your L.H. articulation.  Remember to keep your bow thumb at least a little curved AT ALL TIMES!!!

Minutes to practice: 45 per day.
What to practice:  The exercises marked with Dec. 1.
How to practice it most effectively: With an engaged upper tummy/lower chest muscles ALWAYS as you play so that you can coordinate all of the micro-adjustments (eg. instant adjustment for precise tuning) on the fly!


Superb work on Chanson this week, Maz.  That’s what I’m talking about.  If you work it, it will work.  Apply this same consistent and methodical practice to every other piece you play, and the music you make will make people fly!!

Minutes to practice: 45 per day.
What to practice: Wild Flowers and Dill Pickle.
How to practice it most effectively: Following the 3 steps, making sure you’re following the principles of music and piano playing along the way.
How parents can support practice: If Maz keeps up this 6 out of 7 day practice schedule a week, he should then have an hour lesson to capitalize on his progress.


Another good lesson today, Jabari.  Please practice the way we did in the lesson at home.  NO EXCUSES!!!

Minutes to practice: 30 per day.
What to practice: The pieces in your book marked with ‘Dec. 1’.
How to practice it most effectively: Walking from key to key with curved fingers on fingertips so that there is no break in the sound.
How parents can support practice:  Check in on Jabari every lesson to make sure he’s practicing correctly (and not making excuses).


Superfragilistic progress today, Michael!!   Remember that ‘RHYTHM IS KING’!!!  If one practices or plays not according to a steady tempo and correct rhythm, one defeats the purpose.

Minutes to practice: 45 per day.
What to practice: The pieces in your book marked with ‘Dec. 1’
How to practice it most effectively: As stated above and in your notebook, and demonstrated in the videos you shot!



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