Excellent piano work (so you can play!) this week, everyone.  Keep it up!


Fantastic start to your new book!  As you learn your new pieces, remember to MOVE to the rhythm (the ‘strong beats’) and to make circular outward motions with your elbows.


Whoa!  Everyone, listen!  Kate practices ONE HOUR per day!  (*hint, hint)  It shows!  Remember to tell your mom that you could now benefit from a one hour lesson each week.  I am a happy teacher!!!!


Remember to ‘get into the character’ of each of your songs BEFORE you start playing and then tell the piece’s ‘story’ as you play.  Use your imagination!  Also, please work on your most recent songs, too!


Well, we finally found a winner with ‘Wrecking Ball’ (Minecraft parody), and learned about pop song structure.  Now, please practice and memorize it, dear!  Also, ‘Chandelier’!