Further revelations for me about all of you today!  I won’t be here next week, but am looking forward to resuming lessons with you guys in March.


Your first songwriting assignment!  You have the inspiration, now just remember, whatever you come up with/craft, that you are able to repeat it so you can eventually perfect and play it for ___!  And, I (and your father) agree with Barn, less noise, more speaking in the lessons from now on! :)


I am so sorry, buddy.  I didn’t know your father was practicing with you every time!  You have been relying on your very musical ear and not developing your music-reading abilities.  Note for dad: please encourage your son to try to figure out what is on the page by himself (he can ask you if he is not sure).  Otherwise, he does not know what he’s supposed to do if you are not around!


FEEL THE STRONG BEATS, MAN!  And, have patience and be calm when you practice, because whatever (more, ‘how’) you practice gets programmed into your brain.  It’s a lot easier to do things right from the start than trying to fix a bad habit!