Another fantastic day of piano work, piano peeps!  Remember, it’s just not the quantity of practice that you do, but the QUALITY of the practice (keeping focused, critically analyzing what you are doing and finding creative ways of making it better).


Case in point, staying FOCUSED that is.  Good work, today!  Now, repeat what we did, as best you can, each time you practice!


Much better behavior in the lesson, today.  Thank you!  Remember to bring the poem you wrote to your next lesson so we can start writing music for it.  And, while keeping fingers that are not playing in the ‘ready-to-pounce’ position (like a tiger’s claw), start preparing to challenge me in a ‘piano-play-off’, starting next week.


LIFT THOSE FINGERS after playing a note!  Focusing on what you are playing while FEELING/MOVING to the rhythm is key, too.