Great job in the lessons, piano peeps, though all of you could have practiced more.  Keep the new year’s momentum, and your progress will accelerate!


The above said, even without much practicing, your understanding of note-reading and HAND FORMATION improved dramatically over last week.  So, imagine where you might be if you did practice at least 15 minutes a day!


Where’d you go, my friend?  I was so excited by your progress and consistent practice the last couple of months, hoping to extend your lesson to 45 mins as the half hour was not enough.  Two steps forward, one step back.  Hopefully, this ‘hiccup’ was just temporary?


Though we are sure having fun in the lessons now, just imagine how much more fun, and imbuing a sense of confidence that comes from productiveness we both would have if you DID YOUR HOMEWORK?!  Your talented, girl.  Don’t take this for granted!