Hello all,

Here is this week’s homework:


This week we looked at the chords to the verse of “Africa”. These are a little trickier than the chorus chords so for this week just focus on practicing the chords individually. Try to focus on getting a good sound and strum each chord a few times to get comfortable with the grip.


This week we focused on switching between the D chord and the C chord. These are two chords that come up frequently in the song that we are working on, “Ahead by a Century”. Try playing these chords back to back at a steady tempo. The aim here is to speed up the time it takes to switch between chords. Keep working on this, and the chord shapes will start to become muscle memory and you will know the shape always.


This week we looked at notes on the B string. We saw that there are a few similarities with these notes and ones on the E string. For example, the note E is found on the open E string but also the 5th fret on the B string. We are now focusing on the B string playing from open B to B on the 12th string. Just like on the E string, say the notes as you go along so that you can visualize the note name and not the fret number.