Hello all,

Here is this week’s homework.


This week we looked at power chords and the song “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes. Practice the main riff from the song. This riff is only on the A string and take time to be able to play the melody quickly.

Practice this slowly until it starts to get memorized. Once you can play the riff and the power chords, try to play along with the recording on YouTube.



This week we looked at “Bobcaygeon” by The Tragically Hip. We talked about the G chord in the intro and discussed playing the chord with our fingers.

Practice playing the bottom note with your thumb and the rest of the chord with your fingers. Try to do this at a steady pace where you don’t have to try and figure out your right hand technique after every pluck.

Also, take a look at the single note riff from the song as well.


See you next week!