Continue warmup and technique from last week:

  1. scalar overtone exercise on Bb major
  2. whisper tones, using only F and C
    • Aim to produce a whisper tone on the same note you’re fingering
  3. C# major scale and triads with metronome

Material from this week:

  1. El Camino Real
    • Practice A minor and F major scales (one octave each) along to metronome at 60-80 beats per minute in sixteenth notes. Aim for consistent tempo and a smooth switch from C to D.
    • Practice hard part slowly at 75 bpm, making sure to follow breath marks. Speed it up 5-10 bpm when you feel comfortable. This is going to make it a lot easier when we speed it up!
    • Remember, this is Latin music; Staccato is Staccato!
  2. Selected Studies for Saxophone, page 40.
    • Remember, aim for no tension and good voicing to place to high notes properly (especially when jumping from the low register)
    • Follow articulation, making sure to tongue the beginning of staccato notes.
  3. Amen – trade choruses of improvising using G pentatonic scale. Once that feels comfortable, branch out and use G major scale and arpeggios. What sounds good?