Hi Alexa! Happy New Year again. So nice to see your smiling face.

For piano, remember Cinderella’s Waltz is in 3 time. You could even count aloud while you play “Waltz-2-3, Waltz-2-3,” to help you feel the beat.

The other two pieces I’ve assigned you practice 3 times a day. Remember to look at the yellow rectangle in the top left corner of the page if you don’t remember where to put your hands for the third piece. Hint: your Right Hand thumb goes on E, and your Left Hand 5th finger (pinky) also goes on E.

For voice, remember in Over The Rainbow, I’m listening for the ends of words like the “t” at the end of “that.” You have to exaggerate the ends of words in order for people to understand the wordds we’re singing.

Also, please practice some long esses “sssssssss” because this is so good for your breathing and good strong belly muscles for singing.

Looking forward to seeing you next week!


Hello Chiara, so lovely to see you today.

Really great work on Favorite Things, and Part of Your World. You can youtube Little Lamb if you wish, or you can wait to work on it together. I look forward to hearing Maybe next week, and please keep practicing “ya-ya.” Also do some long esses “sssssss” to strengthen those belly muscles for singing.

See you next week!