Grade 1:

What we did this week:

We played through all of Mary Had a Little Lamb and learned the G major scale. We learned about finger patterns, posture and reviewed bow grip.

What did we listen to or watch, that you can watch at home?

We listened to live examples of the song Mary had a Little Lamb played by the teacher. At home try and find different recordings or maybe a children’s version of the song on YouTube to watch and learn.

What work is to be done this weekend:

Try to perfect the pitches and bowings in Mary Had a Little Lamb. Please continue to work on posture and bow grip as well as the bowings in Mary Had a Little Lamb.

What are we doing next week?

We will be reviewing the notes of the G major scale.?? We will then introduce D  major Arpeggio.?? We will be reviewing and perfecting  Mary Had a Little Lamb and will  introduce a new song Lightly Row found in Suzuki Book One.

How much time should your student be practicing each day?

A flexible 15 minutes in front of the  mirror to improve posture is strongly encouraged.

How can you help your child?

Please secure all missing equipment: Shoulder rests especially. Please make all necessary reparations. ??Aim for the same time each day for habit and consistency to practice.?? Try to get into the habit of practicing in front of mirror to improve posture and bowing.?? Please ensure your child loosens the violin bow after playing.??Be sure to review the Homework Helper together. Please do not leave the violin overnight in your vehicle. The cold and dry weather can cause instruments to crack open and break easily. The violin is very delicate and vulnerable in this type of weather and the utmost care is needed at this point.


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