Okay, guys, now that the ‘brunt’ of the holidays is over for most of you, please focus on practicing for the rest of the holidays, if you haven’t already done so.  Holidays are the best time to catch up on and progress with your music playing, as one has more time to spare than usual!!


Remember that musical success is in HOW you take care of the fine details in music.  Playing music can be likened to juggling — both require an ENGAGED CORE, relaxed shoulders, and a sense of RHYTHM.  Music also requires LISTENING (to the harmonic interplay as you articulate the keys — something which we will discuss in detail in the new year).


Are you practicing?


If you get frustrated or discouraged with your cello progress, take a 5 – 15 minute break before attempting the exercise again!  It has been proven that doing so produces the best results.


Continue to try to ‘make the piano sing’ like you sing!!  This fundamental concept of music is called ‘sostenuto’ (sustaining the sound).  Also, make sure you’re doing the correct rhythm that’s written on the page!!!


I know you’re practicing, but are you stretching/’flapping’ your playing apparatuses before you practice?  I mean this, as your body/muscle memory has to undergo a paradigm shift, as well as your understanding of music.


If you get frustrated or discouraged with your piano/music reading progress, take a 5 – 15 break (or improvise) before attempting the piece you are working on again.  And, don’t just attempt ‘Batman’, try other pieces, from your current AND your old piano book.  If you want to learn to play, don’t get frustrated by every mistake or lack of understanding of what’s written on the page — BABY STEPS!  Working through mistakes is how we learn!!


I guess this post doesn’t apply to you, as you are at camp, and have no piano to play!


Continue working on what I assigned you before the holidays, and don’t be afraid to attempt the pieces/pages beyond where we left off!


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