Hi, everyone! Here’s a reminder to keep practicing during the holiday season – it would be great to continue working on the skills that was developed during the first term! It is important to maintain practice at the highest practical level during this holiday season, and a greatness opportunity to get ahead especially when there are no school commitments on the go.


Missed you! Make sure to have a look at the pages we have been working on, do some “table top” playing to keep those fingers strong and flexible for piano playing, and review the letter names of the piano keys.


Revise all scales: C major, A minor, G major, E minor, D major, B minor, F major, D minor. Review the connection between major keys and their relative minor, and key signatures for each key (I have written them in your notbook book). Continue working on the pieces you’re learning – slow separate hand practice, then hands together, and make sure to curve your fingers. Recommended practice: 30mins / day


Continue working on Czerny No. 1 – slow practice with a metronome is always helpful. Focus on smooth running notes and be careful of the “traps” in the piece. Clean articulation and notes for Bourée. Continue working on scales: C major, A minor, G major, E minor, D major, B minor, F major, D minor. Melody writing and scale writing for theory. Remember to bring the Clemente Recommended practice: 45mins – 1hr / day


Good retention of information from piano book. It is important to refer to the audio tracks indicated on the page in the book in order to practice and learn the songs quicker. This can be found online here: https://pianoadventures.com/online-audio-for-my-first-piano-adventure-book-a/    Or you can download the mobile app Piano Adventures on your mobile or iPad.


We covered a few new pieces this week! Focus on looking ahead when playing the pieces so that you’re ready for any changes in the music. Remember to keep counting out loud, curve those fingers and join the notes when you play. Recommended practice: 15mins / day


Practice the RH of the duet piece – rhythm is important here so make sure to clap the rhythm before you start playing. Make sure to check fingering, keep counting, and look ahead when you’re playing. For pieces with the extended fingering, make sure to keep hands and wrist relaxed, not tensed, and shake out any aches you may be feeling. Recommended practice: 15mins / day


Happy holidays is to everyone and looking forward to seeing you all again over the new year!