Because the music never stops, at least in my head!!! ;)


Excellent job today — you had all of your pieces pretty much memorized!!  Really happy with your progress since September.  You will soon be onto the next level.  Remember to engage (tense up) your core (tummy/torso) muscles when articulating, depending on the kind of articulation you are doing.  The WHOLE body plays the piano, not just your playing apparatus (elbows to fingertips).


Great job as well today/this week!  Two (and a half) new songs.  Your Bass Clef reading is still quite below the level the rest of your playing is at, and your recognition of/adherence to quarter and dotted quarter time values is hit and miss.  Your articulation and rhythmic abilities are continuing to improve!!


Staccato doesn’t mean increasing the tempo, it just means coming off the key quickly!  Remember, the goal of playing a piece is to play it from beginning to end, as best as possible, with a STEADY TEMPO, and without stopping.