Keep working on the first song in the book with a steady tempo, take a look at and try the next one or two songs after the last assigned piece



Keep up the good work! Keep working on My Robot and Rockin’ Tune in fluency and equal rhythm, and try out Halloween by playing hands separately and together!



Technique – review level 3; A+ and Eb+ scale & triads, c harmonic scale/formula, c melodic minor
Sonatina – for phrasing, “breathe” and lift in the R.H. but keep playing legato in the L.H.
Arctic Voices – play at a steady tempo, and work on dynamic detail and phrasing this week
Left Alone – keep working on pedal legato and finger legato (do not detach the melody notes)
Little Piece No.7 – for the first section, work on playing staccatos (not detached); for the second part, work on hands separately with legato playing in the L.H. and staccatos in the R.H.