Hey everyone, sorry I couldn’t be there this week. Here is the homework nonetheless, based on what you worked on with Ben!


  • Work on your chromatic and major scales as you did with Ben (go up C, down C#, etc.)
  • Keep working on your tonguing using the exercise we’ve practiced.
  • On Jubilant Overture, practice tonguing slowly on rhythmic parts and practice scalar parts at a tempo that just pushes your comfortable level right after working on scales.


  • Keep working on the register switch exercise, crescendo-ing from nothing (eg. Low E, hit register key, and jump up to B). Support the middle register notes as much as possible.
  • Keep working on the last four bars of Equinox and hearing the notes on the “and” of one. Practice with a metronome!
  • Work up the tempo to Days of Wine and Roses.


  • As I’ve mentioned before, watch out for the positioning of your left hand thumb! Make sure it’s closer to the key, even when you’re not playing it.
  • Work on new scale (A major) along with others.
  • Work on number 36 and 87 in the Galper book.
  • Play with dynamics and shape phrases using dynamics in Everything Happens to Me and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


  • Thomas should be working on C major scale, and making sure he is supporting the sound especially with low notes.
  • He should be working on page 3 of the Rubank book, number 4 and 5.


  • Camille can work on the two pieces from her book that Ben assigned (Danse Hongroise N1 on page 41 and Alouette on page 42)
  • She should also work on the G major exercise Ben wrote out.