Hello Ezra and Elora,

I’m very proud that you practiced the first assignment! Keep working the sticks holding and a stroke. It’s important to practice basic technique. Today, we learned how to count and beat division. I explained to you how important to understand how to count and understand the beat division. Make sure read the materials that I hand out and practice slowly.

Ezra- Make sure practice slowly and try to understand beat division clearly. We learned how to subdivide from Whole notes to Eighth notes today. Remember that count consistency is important and play accuracy also crucial as well. In addition, watch your hand position as well. Mentioning 3 steps how to practice: 1. Watch hand position, 2 count, 3 play

Elora- Make sure keep practice the stroke and relax on your wrists and fingers. In addition, we learned today how to subdivide the beat division. It’s not easy to understand, but we will go over slowly again. Try to practice 1 st exercise from bar 1-3. Count loud and CONSISTENT is very important.


Happy Practice~