Hello all,

Sorry this is a day late! Here’s this week’s homework.


This week we looked at “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran. Try to work on the different parts of this song. Each part has a different groove but all of them share the anticipated push into each bar. Remember that this is a key rhythmic element in the song. Try to practice each part by itself. If possible try to practice with the metronome on quartet notes and play along. Once each part feels comfortable, try to play along with the recording to really get the vibe of the song.


This week we reviewed the chords G, C and D7. We looked at some different chord progressions in your Hal Leonard guitar book. Try to practice these progressions and work on switching between chords. If practicing them in time is too difficult, try to play out of time and limit your focus to two chords. Try to practice this at least once a day from anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes.


This week we reviewed your notes on the high e string and looked at a new song in your guitar book. Try to practice this song everyday for at least 5 minutes. Remember that we talked about breaking up the song and working on it in small pieces. Try to practice a little bit of the song each night.


Thanks everyone and have a great week!