Luke should practice the pentatonic scales – all shapes. Each one the shapes should be played concecutively – ascendent and descendently; and in patterns of 3 notes at a time using triplets.


Frida should keep on playing the both parts of the duet “Au Clair de la Lune”. She should try to do it without writing the names of the notes on top of the staff. I’d still prefer that she recognizes the notes instead of relying on what is written down on top of the staff.


You should still persist on the pentatonic scale – the 5 shapes. Play the notes consecutively – ascendant and descendantly – and then in groups of three notes – as triplets. Focus on the distance between the two shapes – 1 1/2 steps.


Veronika should play the verse, pre chorus and chorus to Time of your life. Focus on the T i m i t i  fingerpicking pattern: the thumb follows the bass note of each chord when indicated “T” and is fixed to the 4th string when “t” is written. Meanwhile, the index and middle fingers are fixed on 3rd and 2nd strings respectively.