Great lessons today, guys!  Keep it up!!!


Great initiative, determination and openness to taking on this new song, Ruth!  And for deciding to stick with your pianistic aspirations despite your busy schedule.  Practice H.S. in slow motion at a STEADY TEMPO at first, doing everything you would do ideally at tempo (being cognizant that you’re adhering to the three principles of music at all times — rhythm, lyricism and the sound you’re producing), then follow the same methodology when putting H.T.  If you do this, you’ll learn your pieces in relatively little time.  I promise you!!


Much better lesson at this new time when you’re wide awake, despite all of the yawning!  Lol.  Remember to keep on the tempo train (steady tempo) as you learn difficult sections H.S. (hands separately) and when putting H.T. (hands together) for the first time!  You can do it!  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!!


Your technique, sound production and body movement (funny how they’re linked, eh?;) are improving, but still much more room to improve before your exam, if you want to get a mark above 90!  Continue memorizing the rest of your pieces this week, and remember, every piece (and phrase) is a story, and every story must have a recognizable beginning, middle and END!!