Hello all,

Here’s this week’s homework:


Reading/Notes: E and F. Work on these notes that can be found in your book. Practice the two melody lines that focus on these two notes. The key is to try and get used to switching between the notes while being able to read through the passage.

Chords: G major chord. Take a look at this chord we learned this week. Remember to use your third finger when fretting the note on the e string. Practice the “ABC” tune shown on the same page as the G chord. The focus here is to work on switching between the G chord and the C chord.



F major scale (Segovia): Try using different rhythms when practicing this scale. As we discussed, triplet rhythms are the real challenging ones and they might be good to work on. Practice these with a metronome playing quartet notes. This way you can hear where the triplets sit against the quartet note.

Chords: This week I gave you chords for Girl from Ipanema. Practice this chord progression using the same patterns that we have been working on. The key here is to have a steady pulse on 1 and 3. Remember to practice this slowly with a metronome on quartet notes.


Have a great week everyone!