Awesome job this week, everyone!  Even better than last week!


Woohoo!!!  You just leaped ahead this past week from where you were.  See what consistent, sustained practice can do?  Excited for you!!!


Excellent work, as always.  Now, remember to MOVE to the ‘rhythmic feel/characteristic’ of every piece you play, BEFORE you start until the piece’s end.  Don’t be afraid to, you’ll like it.  I promise!


Another big surprise/wow today was your progress, solidification of everything we’ve been working towards for at least 2 of your songs.  Now, how about doing the same with the other ones you’ve been working on, as well as beginning work on the new pieces assigned?


Now, this lesson was arguably the most delightfully-surprising of the night!  Great effort, you brought your iPad with charger, we figured out a large portion of the Right Hand for ‘Break Free’.  Now it’s your turn (practice)!