Dear Carmen,

You’re doing great job on C, D and E songs!! for next lesson try F and G songs (same rhythm)

New song to practice : Ice cream song (try keeping steady pulse)

Make your own Indian song (have fun improvising!)


(stick to at least 10 min of playing a day)


Dear Jessie,


For the next week focus on:

Dream Catcher – memorize RH and LH apart (try couple of lines HT, with correct fingering)

Rigadoon – by memory, with steady pulse

German Dance – try doing at least 3 times repeats (HS and  HT) within one practice sessions

Masquarade – practice each hand by memory (one line at a time) then together, try to memorize the last line first.


(20 minutes practice a day will help you memorizing efficiently)



Dear Gemma,


For the next week focus on:

Sonatina in G – keep memorizing in sections, HS & HT

Chords – remembering correct fingering, solid and broken

D+  D-  G-  B flat+  B –

(also all covered scales)


(15 -20 min of practice a day is best)


Dear Nathalia,


Good job on the last week pieces!

new songs : Dolphin Dreams

Swan Lake

Marching Band

Birthday Cake for Me


(try to practice at least 10 min a day, remember to keep your fingers curved and wrist relaxed)


Dear Tai,


Keep up the good work! for the next week focus on:

The Time Machine – dynamics (mp – f contrast)

The Dragon Hunt – by memory, with even pulse

Pagoda in the Purple Mist – with pedal

A day at the Carnival – tempo, correct fingering

Sunburst Waltz – careful changing positions, 1 line HT


(try practicing at least 15 -20 min a day)