A couple of you guys practiced really well this week, a couple of you could have practiced more!  See below..


If you were more consistent in your practice habits, you’d be much further than you are at the moment.  This is really the only thing holding you back at this point.  Find the time to practice, it’s fun!


You are always a pleasure to teach, because you always practice, and practice a lot, every day!  Remember to do at least one piece of technique/ear training/sight reading every time you practice to keep your knowledge and abilities fresh.  I trust you!


Another great week, my fine sir!  Your progress is becoming very steady, because you consistently practice.  I can’t wait to see where you will be by next year!


You are starting to get what we’re trying do with your songs.  Now, you have to do the work yourself and practice with (and without) your iPad if you want to be able to perform these songs!