Great work this week! “Haunted Mouse” is starting to sound very good. Keep working on it to reinforce the note names, and also to get rid of all the “hiccups”. Also, don’t forget the dynamics! P = piano which means soft, and F = forte which means loud – the piece will sound so much better and exciting if you play it with the right dynamics. Polish “Haunted Mouse” and “Mexican Jumping Bean” for the recital. Also, remember that you have a new piece, “Classic Dance”. Don’t forget to practice that too!


“Cowboy Song” sounds great! Keep practicing it and polishing it for the recital. Remember it is supposed to sound lazy, so no getting faster. Practice by counting out loud while you play – this will help prevent you from getting faster. “Magic Man” also is getting better. Keep practicing hands separate and also see if you can put the two hands together by next week. Great work!