Excellent lessons today, all of you.  Keep it up!!


Keep your eyes focused on where you are in the music, always looking a few notes ahead (in both hands) to see what’s coming up next (so you don’t miss the rhythm train).  RESIST looking at your fingers as much as possible!!!  Remember, notes that go up on the page go to the right on the keyboard.  Notes that go down on the page go to the left.  Spend at least 15 minutes per day at the piano, practicing what I assign each week.


Though you got frustrated, you did improve immensely this past week on your pieces.  Don’t get discouraged, my dear boy!  Remember to keep the correct hand FORM(s) for the piece you’re playing.  With your current pieces, this means HIGH wrists, playing on fingertips in both hands.  Right hand fingers and ‘claw’ should be tense in order to play the melody louder than the left hand, which should be quiet and RELAXED!


Onto your next book!  You surprised me today with your depth of understanding of musical concepts.  Good job.  Theory of the steps of the scale (I, II, III, IV, V…) were introduced today, and the chords that are based on these steps (harmonic progression).  This knowledge will serve you well in Rock Band!!