Great semester you guys!  Have a great holiday, and remember, now you have time to practice!!!  (wink, wink, wink;)


Remember ~ notes that are different are to be connected, unless otherwise indicated (eg. if it’s a staccato)!  The good posture and ‘claw-like’ hands and high wrists/elbows out slipped a little this week, so try to make it a habit whenever you’re at the piano!


Keep your wrists HIGH, pushing them forward (rolling to the tips of your fingers) when playing!  It makes a much better sound.  Your elbows need to be out in order for this to happen.  Also, I only gave you one new piece to look at over the holidays, so feel free to try more new ones if you like!


See Mazin’s comment above about keeping your wrists high, this applies to you, too!  Remember to MOVE to the CHARACTER of the rhythm BEFORE you start playing, and throughout as you play.  So, if the piece is a lively piece, then find the energy in your movement and entire being!  Pretend you’re an actor!


Today was a tough because of your tests this past week, but you have time now to practice.  So, please, practice my dear!  I want to be surprised in the new year!!!