Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


– When The Bands… : Practice hands together SLOWLY to give yourself time to look forward and prepare


– Good work! and keep doing the short slur exercise!
– Rock Song: play 2 notes together at the same time & silent on rests (lift fingers off the keyboard)
– Rockets: feel free to try on your own! look at how the notes are moving (steps and skips)


– Keep working on the old songs and “Il est ne, le divin enfant”, good job on learning how to play the entire song!


– Technique: D+, F+, Bb+, D+ formula, b, d, g harmonic, b, d, g melodic, chromatic scales; D+, F+, Bb+ triad solid & broken hands together
– Polonaise in G: sing each phrase and compare with your playing; increase tempo
– Sonatina in A: do the same with singing & playing; try to add emotions and drama into your playing
– Picnic 1920: slur the dotted quarter-eighth note in bar 1-2 & 5-6; increase tempo