Good lessons today, guys.  How fast you learn music and to play the piano is really up to you!  The more you practice (in the right way)…


Excellent focus and attention in the lessons, as always, Briel.  And, now that you finally have time to practice this week, make the most of it!  Remember how we practiced each of your pieces in the lesson today as you practice this week, and watch the videos taken of your songs as well.  Main point today was — pushing wrists forward off keys at end of slurs so that as you leave the key, the timbre of the note is BRIGHT sounding (very resonant).


Oh my.  Well, one of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is — ‘live and learn’.  We only learn by making mistakes, reflecting on what went wrong, then trying reasonable solutions to address the problem when faced with the same circumstance the next time.  We don’t learn by giving up, and are bound to repeat the mistake again, if only in a different form.  So, please do not give up!!!  Where there’s a will, there is a way.


I have repeated the same comments and practice suggestions every week this year!  You need to practice more if you want to progress at more than a snail’s pace.  And, it is a shame, because you are naturally musically gifted.  Something my mother always told me growing up about ‘being bored’ ~  “Only boring people get bored.”  Life is what you make it.  Music is what you make of it.


Best lesson yet today, Oscar!!!  Please practice the 3 pieces I assigned this week, and also the ‘Seven Nations’ left hand part I showed you (long, short, short, short, short, long, long).  Aim for 3 green star stickers next week!!