Hello Pedro, Kaden, Alejandro, and Ella,

Good to see you all and good to see some progression. Here are the homework for this week.

Pedro- We learned a funk drum technique which you have to able to count between 8th notes and 16 notes. When you practice this technique, there is a method. When you play 8th notes, you count 16th notes, whereas when you play 16th notes, you count 8th notes. Make sure practice slowly and play drum at the same time. Minimum 40 minute practice daily.

Kaden- Good work with stick control, but needs to practice more slowly. When you practice, check carefully with your thumb and second finger. Mom or dad could help you as well. When you practice stick control, try to take away one stick that he is not playing. If the stick fall out, it means Kaden did not hold the stick tight enough with two fingers. We learned today meter and beat division. For example, when it comes to 4/4, top number indicates the amount of notes in a bar and bottom number indicates note value. Review the materials that I handed out to you and practice exercise 1-4. Practice slowly and accuracy. Remember that music is not a competition. It is an language that you need spend some time slowly to understand. try to practice 45 minute daily.

Alejandro- We reviewed the same material again during the lesson. The homework is same thing as the last week. Your 8th notes and 16 notes count and play must be smooth. To clarify, when you play 8th notes, you should count 16th notes, whereas when you play 16 notes, you count 8th notes. Mom or sister could help Alejandro as well. When you clap 8th notes, he have to play 16 notes, wheres when you clap 16th notes, he has to play 8th notes. The interaction between count and playing 8th and 16 notes MUST BE smooth. Practice slow and aiming 30 minute practice daily. Mom, it would be appreciate to check how many time Alejandro practiced this week. Thank you~

Ella- We learned open hi-hat technique. Remember the left foot motion. You only lift with your toss, not entire foot just like right foot. The open hi-hat sound and closed hi-hat sound must be clean and distinguishable. Finally, mom or dad could help to record video when Ella is practicing. It is really helpful to study Ella herself by re-watching how she practice. Her second finger tend to not hold well drum stick when she learn new technique. I took a video today so that she could recognize instantly. It will be great for the future as well. Finally, listen “We Will Rock You” when you’re available. To clarify, listen as much as you could.


Happy Practice~