HI Olivia and Amy. Here is your homework:


Thank you for an excellent lesson! Keep practicing your scales with different bowings and rhythms. Before practicing a scale name a) the notes which have the semi-tones b) the finger pattern. Please review all your scales over the week!

Also practice intervals using clues from songs. Do warm-ups, especially chromatics.

Song: ” my heart will go on”. Excellent work, Olivia! Really lovely sound. Next lesson let’s look at embellishments.

Song: “fellowship of the rings” . Work on key change ( 3rd and 4th finger close). Clarity on rhythms and rests.

Please continue to work on ” he’s a pirate.” Let’s discuss song in more depth next lesson.  Please practice new bowings carefully. Remember the downbow circles.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!



Thank you for an excellent lesson!

“Long, long ago”: Excellent work overall! In the variation, please bring out the melody by playing the d’s softer. Decrescendo on descending arpeggio passage at end.

“Pachelbel”: work on tricky bowing passage slowly. Bring out the phrasing. Please bring Violin 1 part next lesson. Let’s work on ensemble playing!

Please also bring your scales and Vivaldi Winter ” largo”.

In preparation for your school concert: review tricky bowing passages and second violin solo. Thank you for the ticket! Looking forward to your Concert @ ESA. Good luck Amy!

Also, looking forward to seeing you Sunday for your lesson!




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