HI Olivia and Amy. Here is your homework:


Thank you for an excellent lesson! Keep practicing your scales with different bowings and rhythms. Before practicing a scale name a) the notes which have the semi-tones b) the finger pattern. Please review all your scales over the week!

Also practice intervals using clues from songs. Do warm-ups, especially chromatics.

Song: ” my heart will go on”. Excellent work, Olivia! Really lovely sound. Next lesson let’s look at embellishments.

Song: “fellowship of the rings” . Work on key change ( 3rd and 4th finger close). Clarity on rhythms and rests.

Please continue to work on ” he’s a pirate.” Let’s discuss song in more depth next lesson. ¬†Please practice new bowings carefully. Remember the downbow circles.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!



Thank you for an excellent lesson!

“Long, long ago”: Excellent work overall! In the variation, please bring out the melody by playing the d’s softer. Decrescendo on descending arpeggio passage at end.

“Pachelbel”: work on tricky bowing passage slowly. Bring out the phrasing. Please bring Violin 1 part next lesson. Let’s work on ensemble playing!

Please also bring your scales and Vivaldi Winter ” largo”.

In preparation for your school concert: review tricky bowing passages and second violin solo. Thank you for the ticket! Looking forward to your Concert @ ESA. Good luck Amy!

Also, looking forward to seeing you Sunday for your lesson!