Lovely students, here’s your reminder on what to focus on for the week.  Remember, practice is the only way you get better!!


Oh dear, you were a bit tired today and lacking focus.  You were playing better last week!  Remember, if you love music (practice), music will love you back (you will steadily progress, and you will enjoy it more)!


Except for losing a little steam at the end, you did well today and this past practice week, despite taking on so many new songs!  Very happy with your progress, Ahaan.  Keep it up!!


Another great lesson and practice week!  And soon, you will be onto your next book!  Remember, it’s in the CHARACTER of the dance of the piece that you move to, and how that movement changes (or doesn’t) throughout as you play which determines the success and impact of the musical story you tell.  Explore the different ways you can ‘dance’ at the piano!  Be creative, use your imagination.  It’s fun!!


Woohoo!!  So pleased with your progress and awed by your budding musicality, Gerardo.  Remember, moving your elbows out away from your body, RAISES your wrists, which means you are playing on your fingertips (thumbs included), which produces a bell-like tone — something we strive for most of the time, especially for melodic notes.


Dear, have I suggested practicing in front of a mirror?  It’s a good way to see if you’re doing everything right – keeping the bow straight and your left hand in proper formation (depending on what you are doing) and articulating properly.  I think it would help you.  Don’t forget to MOVE to rhythm as you practice.  It puts what you are practicing into context, and helps coordination among many other things.