Excellent focus today in your lessons and practice this week!  Keep it up!


Onto the treble clef!  Remember to regularly read the word reminders for lines and spaces of both the bass and treble clefs (eg. Good Butterflies Deserve Fun Always for the lines of the bass clef), and to note where these notes are on the keyboard.  Keep your fingers curved, hands like claws!!


Keeping a high arch in the hand (by having a certain amount of tension in your hands) will keep your wrists high.  Please work on this this week.  Remember to come off staccatos quickly, and to keep eyes on page, always looking a few notes ahead to make sure you do not miss anything.


Your music reading has gotten way better since you first started with me, but it can be better yet!  You’re still missing some note values.  Remember, to make the piano ‘sing’, keep finger contact with the key as long as possible (until you have to play the next note/rest) while pushing wrist forward.


Boom, yeah.  Finished three (or more?) songs in one week.  Your musicality just keeps getting better and better.  Your music reading has markedly improved too.  It can always get better, though!  Always look a few notes ahead in both clefs to prepare for what’s coming up.