Great work this week, piano peeps!  Remember, rhythm is king!!!


Great start to your lesson today, but you lost steam (focus) near the end.  Learning the piano will be a lot easier if, instead of resisting the learning process, you embrace it, and just go with the flow!  The key to playing a piece successfully is playing the piece from beginning to end, as correctly and steadily as possible, WITHOUT stopping.


Your hand form and finger articulation (pushing wrists forward as you strike the keys) is getting quite good!  You moved to the 4/4 time well, now try moving to the 3/4 time in your new piece this week.  I wish you had more time to practice!!!


Remember, it’s the character of the DANCE you do while articulating the keys that mainly effects the sound produced while articulating those keys.  So, DANCE!  Also, ACTIVE fingers — be aware of not only how your fingers come down on the keys, but how they come off.  Ear/finger coordination.


Improvement from last lesson, regarding your understanding and execution of musicality.  Good job!  Remember to feel/move to strong beats while playing technique, and being aware of how your finger/playing apparatus articulation effects the sound of keys struck, too.