I’m happy with how well you learned “Little River”! Keep using it, as well as your chords, as part of your warm up. I also really liked your legatos/slurs – you really play them smoothly. Today, we started learning “Sailing in the Sun”. I would like you practice playing the first four measures like we did today. We started figuring out the notes for measures 5-8; I would like you to finish figuring out the note names for the notes we didn’t cover today. At your next lesson, we will go over the notes for these measures and work on playing them too. We’ll also start looking at the rest of the piece.


Keep practicing your C Major scale as part of your warm up. Next week, we might learn some more of the other major scales that I talked to you about today. I was really happy that you also started learning the left hand for “Music Box Rock”. Keep practicing the left hand making it as comfortable as possible. We worked on putting the hands together for the first three lines – let’s see if you can put the hands together for the last line and then I can hear the whole piece next week!


I enjoy playing duets with you – and we covered a lot of songs today! For this week, we are going to keep working on “Nap Time” so we can keep thinking about the half notes. We learned a lot of new things today too – such as a half rest, which is a rest that has two beats instead of one, and finding the E’s on the piano (although you already knew how to do that!). I want you to keep working on “Music Friend Waltz” by clapping the rhythms, saying the note names out loud while you play them, and also singing the words while you play. Also work on “Three Note Symphony”. I know that’s a lot of pieces, but you were doing a good job with them today. Keep it up!


I am very happy that we don’t have to write the note names in your score – you are so quick at reading the notes, so I know you don’t need to write them in anymore! Keep warming up with your C Major Scale in both hands, and say the name of the finger as you play the notes. The right hand of “Aeolian Lullaby” was learned very well; keep practicing them and observing the rests. We also learned the left hand today, which went very quickly. Keep practicing to make the left hand comfortable, and if you feel up to it, see if you can start putting the two hands together. Also, keep thinking about your posture. Relaxed shoulders, back, and wrists – and no slouching!