Bayli Cohen


Good work completing the homework this week. You played the one octave G Major scale well and played the correct notes, but remember to hold the full duration of a note even when playing a scale. So in your case you were playing quarter notes so try to hold the full beat of the quarter note for each note of the scale. I recommend that you purchase a book called ‘Overtones-Flute Technique’ by the Royal Conservatory of Music. In this book there will be all of the scales and technique organized in levels that would be helpful for at home practice and during the lesson. You can buy this book online at or at the Long & Mcquade music store located at Bloor & Ossington. (I’ve included a link to Amazon at the bottom of this post if you wish to buy online).

For next lesson please have the one octave F Major scale prepared, along with the piece ‘A la claire fontaine’. If you have time, try to write in the beats above each note in the piece ‘Skip to my Lou’ and then try playing it. I encourage you to bring your flute note chart to the lesson and to use at home while practicing. During at home practice, test yourself from time to time to see if you can remember where to place your fingers on the keys for each note. By testing your knowledge this will help you learn much faster than constantly having your sheet in front of you. Next lesson I will bring a worksheet for us to work on and to take home that will introduce you to learning the various key signatures in music.

Overall, good work this week! Your sound/tone on the flute is coming along well. Keep up the good work!

See you next Tuesday,