Hello Ezra, Elora, and Isobel,

good to see you all and here are the assignments for you.

Ezra- Well prepared the last week assignment. Keep that focus and keep working hard. We learned one hand 16th notes hi-hat playing techniques. Practice slowly and practice with metronome. As we talked during the lesson, try to increase the amount your practice time minimum 30 minutes. The more you put efforts, there would be the great result.

Elora- Elora, please re-practice slowly with the stroking. You need to keep practicing the basic materials that I gave you up to now. We learned today 16th note division drum beat. Practice slowly and PLEASE bring the all the materials with binder!! Finally, Please change your drum stick. The one you have is for less than 5 year child. Please make a time with your parents and go to Long & Mcquade and buy a drum stick. There are various price and company. Choose the one you like to play with.

Isobel- We reviewed first material, although she forgot to bring the first week material. Please bring a binder and put all the materials inside of a binder (Includes today’s materials). Isobel needs to bring it every lesson. We learned meter and note division exercises (Quarter note and Quarter note rest). Practice slowly with accuracy. As we talked during the lesson, you need to look carefully your hand motions, fingers positions, and your stroke motions. Finally, keep practicing the first week lesson material as well. It is important to build a strong foundation. PLEASE practice 30 minute daily and it need to practice slowly. Remember that practice slowly makes everything perfect.

Happy Practice~